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At LeadSpark, we believe that getting good results doesn't have to be boring. Instead, the focus of successful work is a good team spirit, a relaxed work environment and a constant desire to develop. These factors unite our colorful team, where each person is valued as their own person!

Sami Lahtinen

Sami has started as CEO of LeadSpark in August 2020. He is a goal-oriented leader, for whom workplace comfort and good team spirit are important factors in successful working. Sami is at the core of opening new doors for LeadSpark, and is responsible for the company's budgeting, making sure that a few euros are also saved for team days. +358 40 825 3080 sami.lahtinen@leadspark.io

Saku-Petteri Salo

Account Manager
"Think outside the box – what box?" Saku has worked as LeadSpark's account manager since 2017, making customers laugh and creating innovative concepts for them. Saku is a chef by profession, but in addition to good lunch places, he is also a master at finding solutions for his customers. +358 50 543 6221 saku@leadspark.io Book a 30 min consultation about new customer acquisition here.

Janne Kaikkonen

Janne is responsible for LeadSpark's operational management and started at Leadspark in 2019 as a partnership manager. Janne also manages LeadSpark's advertising and partners and works as a wellness guru, challenging others to reach their full potential. You can get sparring, a kick in the ass or a therapy session from Janne when needed. +358 40 505 4892 janne@leadspark.io

Joona Puustell

Account Manager
"Gives everything to the customer." Joona has been responsible for LeadSpark's new customer acquisition and customer care since 2019, turning every rock and stump if necessary to find a suitable solution for his customer. +358 40 708 6812 joona@leadspark.io Book a 30 min consultation about new customer acquisition here.

Milla Mettiäinen

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Milla started at LeadSpark in November 2021 working in advertising. Milla has the green thumb of the group, and with her lively energy, she keeps the plants alive and her colleagues' mouths up. In a nutshell, Milla optimizes Facebook ads and work atmosphere! milla@leadspark.io

Sami Soiluva

Sami is LeadSpark's technology manager and one of the owners, and he has been involved in moving the company forward since day one. Sami eats code for breakfast, and he has developed a new system before the others have finished their morning porridge. sami@leadspark.io

Maarit Vesanto

Head of Sales
Maarit on kokenut liiketoiminnan ja myynnin kehittäjä, ja hän toimii Leadsparkilla myyntijohtajana. maarit@leadspark.io Book a 30 min consultation about new customer acquisition here.

Pauliina Lappalainen

Graphic Designer / Influencer Coordinator
"Maker." Pauliina started as a Graphic designer at LeadSpark in August 2021. Pauliina's job description is to make LeadSpark's materials beautiful, but the best aspects of her can be brought out by letting her into her discomfort zone as often as possible. Pauliina also works with influencers. pauliina@leadspark.io