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Are you an influencer, blogger, or company with Finnish traffic or followers on your advertising channels? Earn money easily through us by publishing our campaigns on your social media, website, or other channels.

Become a publisher

By advertising our Finnish Audience and Brands campaigns, you earn money on social media, websites or other channels.

Register as a publisher

See below for your suitability as our publisher and sign up for our panel. In the panel you can find our current campaigns and you can start earning. If you have any questions, contact with the title "new publisher account" or call +358 40 505 4892.

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To whom?

For individuals, social media influencers, and companies with traffic or followers (>5000) on their Finnish advertising channels. Advertising channels: Websites, Blogs, Social media, Email, Mobile Applications.

How is advertising revenue collected?

1. Register as our publisher

2. Select an advertising banner with a link from your user account and copy them to your channels

You can choose the most suitable for you from our numerous campaigns.

3. The visitor clicks on a link in your channel

The visitor clicks on the advertising link on your channel and registers for the campaign on our website by filling in the required information.

4. Advertising income is shown directly in the panel

You can easily view your returns through the panel.

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Why choose our publisher panel?

High profits

Our competition is suitable for all adults, and for this reason, the target group of the campaigns is broad and the income high.

We are fair and pay for results

The better traffic you bring, the more commission you get (Revenue share). We have developed our system ourselves and we continue to develop it all the time.

Feedback affects our development

We are happy to take your Feedback into account, whether it is about new potential campaigns or other development proposals.

We also offer a White Label solution

We also offer a White Label solution with which you can build your own consumer database.

The payment term for commissions is 45 days

Additional information

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you! Janne Kaikkonen +358 40 505 4892