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LeadSpark's services are produced based on the wishes and needs of business customers. LeadSpark's own survey technology and real-time reporting enable the customer to get just the right consumer leads and call target groups that are interested in buying.


When you are looking for information about the potential of your business, the situation in your market or need more detailed information about consumers who intend to buy.

Use cases

What ice cream will consumers eat next summer? Is the veggie trend growing? Who buys electric cars and when?

Modeling your market's buying potential

Deepening the customer understanding of your customer base

Trend and needs analyzes for product development

Mapping purchase and acquisition intentions


Facts about your customer base to guide the development of your business

Real-time knowledge of the market

Better accuracy of sales and marketing measures (purchase intentions).

LeadSpark TARGET

Finland's best consumer data with marketing permission, from which you can form target groups on a single and/or multi-channel basis, covering more than half of the working-age Finnish population: 1.1 million consumers with telemarketing permission, and 400,000 with e-mail and SMS marketing permission.

Use cases

Offering your services directly to the most potential customer, e.g. by calling or multi-channel.

Direct sales to consumers, e.g. via telemarketing

Multichannel sales and marketing programs (customer programs)


Our target group is consumers with marketing permission, who are proven to work better than a cold database


When you need direct contact with your current and potential customers - "permission to approach".

Use cases

More customers from or outside your target groups?

Ready-to-buy consumer contacts with the targets you want

High-quality marketing license base for launches, additional and cross-selling.


Direct connection and permission to talk to your customers via multiple channels (email, SMS, tele).

To support your company's sales and marketing with consumer customers who are ready to buy


When you want to build a process for collecting and utilizing consumer marketing permissions. You can also outsource the entire process to us - We have three easy options.

Definition of the process of acquisition & management of marketing permits

From €3500

Setting up and starting the process

From €6900

Full disclosure of acquisition and management of marketing permits

Includes defining, setting up, starting and operating the process. Ask our expert for a quote.


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